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prenticeships as midshipmen and subsequent ser ice as officers the
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six recovered see his Monograph on Abdominal Section Dis
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exist. But there are many cases where granting even
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want of inspectorial vi.sitation by a superior authority who
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circumvention of the malingerer by strategic ruses is justifiable. This
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to try his chances in the United States. Incidentally he had
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the Ontario Veterinary Association in holding a Dominion Ex
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in hospitals for major operations it has made a much better
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deeper lymphatic glands not being resisted at the path of en
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stages than upon the bloodvessels. It is safe to say that through the
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preceding years cures only were obtained out of severe cases. The supe
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This chronic eczema produces permanent changes in the skin. The
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remove it by prying the mouth open with a stick and work
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action of the powerful extensors of the leg its fracture completely
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certainly do this. Tobacco heart as others have found is most
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It is the purpose of the surgeon to obtain a solid
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kind and consisted in the application of antiseptic oint
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higher. per cent. than the death rate of cases treated medically
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of her patient and the autopsy showed the spleen to be the probable
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potatoes and eggs etc. a liberal diet but free from vegetables
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case was one of appendicitis. Upon opening the abdomen
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extension a sharpening if you will of the skills of
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or bleeding and the ease with which it can be appUed and changed
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of the fluid may be overlooked. Large transudates cause interference with
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consin recently was honored for his pioneering role
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men and setting free the uterus. Later on premature labour may be
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it is to render the hands aseptic. We all remember Mr.
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Dog Table I. Mongrel adult male. This dog was injected intra
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and throughout the fever the B. paratyphosus A was only recovered
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The percentage of glucose had gradually increased from. per cenl to
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diflferent parts of the body tended to facilitate the
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Similar Outhraiks in Ofher Industrial Schools. We failed to


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