portion of anal fistulas are of tuberculous origin. In making a bacleriologicn

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tions from which he concludes that the hairiness of an

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be generalized tuliereulosis. Iron uiniM and stryehnin had bwn administered as

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New York and Philadelphia the same fees are charged.

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speak of in the abdominal region. For two days after

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glands are enlarged inflamed or ulcerated cystic tumor of the

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passed their examination in the Science and Practi lt of Medi

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Branch Associations. After expressing his sense of the honour

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stances he nevertheless admitted specific distinctions founded upon

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made for wounds. The whole organ is carefully washed in a mild

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described by Professor Vincent were present. At present very

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others rejected as rank impostures. As knowledge and ex

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In this form of epizootic disease became very prevalent

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sources unknown and gave rise to such diseases as osteo

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gonorrhoea the vaginal orifice does not seem eroded and there is no

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selection of the most suitable climatic conditions and the most

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remedies also occurred when no special remedies were used. Our cases there

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panied with privation. When the rations of the men were expended

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rhoea it is hardly worth while to import one so that this

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a defensive mechanism underlies the well known work

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turns with swelling slightly appreciable to palpation.

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shoe should be put on and the part constantly wetted

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the ventricles coagulation of the blood first takes place in one of

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cases of pneumonia. Da Costa had said that influenza

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The patient was told to continue for a time the mix

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extremities retention of urine paralysis of sphincter ani followed Ijy cystitis

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appearing in crescentic clusters not rising into visible pimples from

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According to Frankel Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrift Feb.

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afterward only light gauze packing being employed. Soon after

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his certificate invests the ruling of the judge and the complaint of

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