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or necrotic mucous membrane may occur with equal readiness in
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the biliary ducts. A small fibrinous coagulum lay loose in the portal
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among 600 tuberculous i)atients.'' There is reason to believe that habits of
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Bordet-Genou bacillus opened a way for a more rational
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which tuberculosis had been artificially produced were found to
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Dr. B. F. Kingsley, of San Antonio, Tex., writes that,
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development of a local hyperemia. Provided hemorrhage has
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On the Teaching of Physiology and Hygiene in Public Schools. By
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leptic and maniacal patients have their appropriate institu-
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origin has held sway for a considerable period. It is such considera-
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by year. While nothing definite is known of its pathology, the
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was found to be severely lacerated. The laminae and spinous processes of
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eases which the human fami'y is heir to, and which has
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of both elastic and muscular tissues, these being substituted by materials
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cases, those in which the eye and skin are affected in
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-Afttr Lehr, D>. Modern Med. 23.111 (Jen. IS) 19SS.
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discharge, and more rarely in urinary sediments, as in cases of com-
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Edward Jenner, which latter, however, belongs rather to the art
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The Society's invested funds have remained unchanged ;
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counteract in your minds, in a measure, the idea that the opera-
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eral law that in inflamed tissues the fibrine forming elements are
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matter, and sometimes microorganisms ; it was never
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The conclusion we may draw from these investigations is that in
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a famous remedy, is " good for" sores, and every thing else. The sore in such
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of the society of which they are members, and the annual fee.
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In these days of frequent intercourse between different countries,
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gations varying in strength from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 750. About
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the microscopical examination of the central nervous
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responds in strength to laudanum : sixty drops may be the first dose,
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scending aorta to be termed an aneurysm, and I believe that
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repeated the experiment again and again upon a number of pigeons, with precisely the
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Elliott, George F..M.D. Dub. and Oron. (com. causa), has been appointed
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tion of the seed, there can be no disease ; without a proper soil
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critically, and I feel sure, having seen several of these most deceptive


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