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doses administered in rapid succession. Then followed the cold tar

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material passed by the legislature of Michigan. Physi

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spite of the steady gain in weight the autopsy revealed a well marked

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expectoration and may be preceded or accompanied by

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interfere seriously with the blood supply of the tube. The swelling of the

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life. The day after he felt so bad and broken down that

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meningococcic meningitis it is difficult to decide whether the influenza

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recovered. This fact seems to throw some doubt on the

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none of higher rank than Lieutenant. All its usages and government are still

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table taken from Murchison gives the number of patients ad

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this series. I feel that in those cases other methods

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kidney injuries are better adapted for conservative treatment.

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some aspects oi most of the perplexing seriee of problems

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certificate showing that they have been entirely cured

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bledon which are veiy unsatisfactory to the volunteer medical officers

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come across from time to time a type of case character

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are often cold even when the rectal temperature is elevated.

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Newer Remedies by Koblentz published in New York Special


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