higher than that of blood taken from a vein. The discrepancy is

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this phenomenon is extremely simple. In health or in

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If fouls is of long standing and bad poultice the foot

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This pressure is always perpendicular to the face of

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connection I must call attention to the fact that hy

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guishing mark of chlorosis is the yellowish green tint

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information can be considered as presenting mere inconvenience. Of course there

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His pulfe was ftrong and full. One of the temporal arteries was

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which currents of deadly virus are borne by the winds to infect the

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invaginated part is drawn. The extreme base of the latter

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trees blooming can fitly say with Isaiah The Lord shall

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physiological aspect. It is admitted that disease of the liver and con

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the lungs were again set in motion by external aid which was continued

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like the breech. A hand or foot could also be felt.

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the other commonly used fermentable test substances. In broth cultures there

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if such poisons were employed to build up a proteotoxic immunity

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Nearly the same can be said about the aspiration fol

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I have thus far given a description of all the impor

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anomalies in the reactions and shape of the pupil and these must be

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the bladder immediately behind the interureteral bar. The gut

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from the bones. The leg bones are very hard and white and

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week s illness from appendicitis. When he became ill he was

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rapidly a high grade of specific senim. The observations so

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with the solution of the subsulphate of iron. If this application

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promptly healed leaving the fistula at a new point against

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