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ing to Pfeiffer, they retain their infectiousness in moist sputum at least
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which are capable of engendering syphilitic diseases, but the
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twenty-four hours I have seen colonies of the gono-
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deposit on the posterior fauces, uvula, and tonsils. He
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• Received as information a report on the institution and
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and the intensity of the symptoms. He alluded to cases of
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way that will, we fear, seriously aggravate his first offense in
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seborrhoeal process. There are three varieties of eczema seborrhoicum :
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'City Health Officer, read an instructive paper pointing out the
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of obstinate insomnia had caused her to resume the drug. She took
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surface of the tumour. In doing so the small sac of the
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Tt< coco Oi n T-i 0» (M r-l ri CO *0 CO r-i €0 rH
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growth to give rise to either the alcoholic, acetic, or
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3. Some Considerations on Traumatic Neurosis — J. C. McClung.
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present. The blood shows a certain degree of eosinophilia. The
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Denver, 1879, 62 - 68. — Sewall (H.) Remittent fever in
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an efficacy for the healing of humanity much greater
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have established a permanent drainage from the distended lateral ven-
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which I wish to refer to, though it is not connected with the
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altogether, are somewhat as follows: The patient is chilly, and
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the cords of the plexus, but solely from before backward. The
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of potassium, M. Melsens causes his patients to take a
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given as to sustain the patient without overpowering the enfeebled
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The new sympathetic blocking agent, clonidine, induces
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unmistakable, being oval in shape, with one end pro-
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urine, which was scanty at the height of the disease, gradually
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teum, evacuating pus, or tentative measures, are always slow in healing,
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student at Guy's Hospital all the medical students used
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trace of the fat, and the solution set aside to evaporate.^ If the fluid,


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