numerous text books on obstetrics prepared for a wider audience.

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we now take can onl be partial but it need not be erroneous.

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had never vomited blood. The physical signs pointed to air and

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persons with reference to the stage at which their insanity was officially

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is normal.there is a perfect understanding between the Legislature

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the hand is swollen out of all natural proportions. The fingers can

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widest near its entrance into the duodenum where it is

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Henry found glucose levulose maltose xylose and starch fermented.

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potassa one drachm bicarbonate of soda and gum acacia of each two

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nected. He did not improve and returned at the end of September

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defensive response of the body. The same principle of

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that those who pursue it should have a thorough medical training in

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believe that the ninth nerve on the right side was involved in

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calm so complete that the patient thought herself cured and for

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have stepped from thrones into convents and become devotees. But

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hyaline granular and occasionally epithelial casts with a tendency

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seemed broad but were pliable and wanting in resistance. The bone

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from our experiments on adult human vessels from autopsies and ampu

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ated streptococci as well as with toxins and such animals later

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gether with a description of the method of making the plugs has been

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on the authority of two out of three reports from this district is

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of the patients who were thus treated was less than


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