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little to do with one another, as we know from a laborious work of forty years.
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and certification of pork for exportation to foreign countries, except a provision In the
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night of September 26, and that he was "scared for fear she had
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Miller for approval by the Society of her Home Hos-
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7. Topping, Norman H., and Dyer, R. E. : Apparent Recent
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was provided that " there raay be in all cases where the Secretary of
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the hospital for the third time on May 26, 1947. She com-
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f.U'iiiati.m aniiml thi' |)aitii'l<'s prevents them t'nnii nimiiiii,' 1i>._'eth(M- s..
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The stomach and duodenum are distended with gas. There are about
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ntile they tiike an iiiiportaiit part in formiiii; the skeleton of the cell
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supporting cannons broad and flat. Further description of the hind
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the work should be increased to a point where it may become Jburden-
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therap., v. 16, pt 4, p. 330-338. Edinb. and Lond., Dea, 1903.
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Dextrose Determinations. — ^A slight modification of the colorimetric
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fumes. Partitions and a power fan would do much to remedy the conditions in this


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