say what would be a solution of this difficulty, but he could say that it

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be openly expressed by one or other of the parties to a controvei'sy such

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strations and Operations), i p.m. — Royal London Ophthamic,

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mented, and less often pigmentless. When devoid of pigment they

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We cannot undertake to return M.\nusckipts not used.

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endeared herself to the people of England. Though a stranger to this

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cases ; viz. — i. Paralysis (rom causes affecting the generating power of

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for the second time, a document asking him to state that he records his solemn pro-

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course, to know the contents of any volume of reports without looking

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operation was performed in 69 cases of stricture on the bulbo-mem-

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In connection with abdominal injuries, the following cases are of

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forward arguments or objections in English for the Candidate to answer,

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BuRCH, Sampson R., Esq., Surgeon, to Mary A., eldest daughter of R. H. Robert-

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important considerations as to the effect of the physical and geological

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ations will be performed by the Third Year's Students, assisted by those

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We are indebted to Mr. J. W. Langmore, M.B., late Resident Clinical

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penditure of material and of nerve-power, and therefore of vitality.

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never entirely disappears ; and in each year it attains its maximum in one

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ward his views. He thought that the conditions mentioned were path-

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excluded. In the early part of the present year, a young lady was ad-

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Materia Medica and Chemistry, of Geology, and of Natural Philosophy,

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medical world, through their periodicals, from a field of instruction which

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at the corresponding time last year. Professor Lister's opening lecture

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The substance of that first course has just been published by Messrs.

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Monkwearmouth Pit, Sunderland Docks, and Messrs. Hartley and

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Master of his College, or his locum tcnens, stating that he has declared that it is

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less than twenty, nor more than twenty-eight, years of age. III. Certi-

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arranged as to prevent the ingress of either water or air. The engineer

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.St. George's, i P.M. — Central London Ophthalmic, i p.m. — Royal

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surgeon of the second class ; twenty-five regimental surgeons of the first

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and other characters tending to interfere with the full sweep of the sea-

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chemical and physical processes going on in the body, and the purely

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this cause. The patient was a w'oman aged 50, who w-as found to have

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