and weak, usually from the beginning ; the pulse is small and thin ; the

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tlnct and the latent — those in which the symptoms clearly indicate the

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Vegetables (prepared without flour or sugar) : 5 Teltower turnips ;


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in the tophi gave a great show of probability to this hypothesis.

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ence of a diathesis is, therefore, the consequence and the expression

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should be touched as often as once a week with a saturated solution

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with gout, probably as a consequence of their comparatively temper-

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curred during the first half of the foitrth decade of life. Patissier has

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between — 1.3° and — 2.2° C. Chiefly on this account the indications

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bodily exertion through i)aralysis of the heart. It follows that the

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warm water containing boracic acid or pulverized alum, three or four

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Detactkm of AUnimin in Urine. — The tests most often emploved in dinical

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grams of sugar while taking 100 grams of bread a day, we can then

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dilatation of the vessels of a single papilla, removal of which has cured the

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and therefore its poison ranks with the contagia. But though patlio-

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It Is said that the concourse at his funeral, in 1812,

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The patient must be restrained from going about too soon before

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Breakfast: 5 gm. of tea steeped in 200 c.c. of water; 150 gm. of

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vanced life and leisure the excellent appetites that were the delight

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appearance in plague due rather to fibrin thrombi within the glomerular

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As one of the main objects of the institution is to

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tribes almost wholly dispense with clothing and in consequence are

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consideration of the process by which heat apoplexy is brought about.

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bile ducts, which collect and transport this fluid after it is secreted,

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efficient remedy and may be combined with liquid ferro-salicylata.

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With acute staphylococcus infections epithelial degenerations are said to be

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The tendency to localization in the great toe is one of the most

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and is called the cornea. This is a continuation of the sclerotic, but

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age limit of 60 grams of alcohol a day be not exceeded, excej^t only

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is more rarely a source of immediate danger. The remote conse-

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The olfactory bulbs lie in front of the optic commissure.

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years. In the majority of cases, however, it is in the fourth decade

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ordinary sequence of tonic and clonic convulsive movements, followed often

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amorphous urates. The red cells may be well preserved or broken down

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is often the first thing complained of. Usually it is increased by

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