abnormal shape, tne surrounding mucous membrane being either reddened
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disease is one of the lower motor neurons or of the muscles is accepted.
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gradual recovery. Certainly, at first this would have been regarded as a
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by an evening rise of temperature; all cases of cystitis not yielding to treat-
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Eventually the muscle tissue concerned is largely or wholly replaced by con-
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mil wliii'li is :i Mini in iliaiiu'lff anil i>ivii.il «itli nililMr ilani. Il.v ail
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fioiii the metal ran not travel an.\' iiieasiirahle distaiiee from the opposilel\
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findings during diabetic coma. Sugar is occasionally absent during such
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rarefied atmosphere, and the alveolar CO, tension assumes a value i
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diirinu the analysis will cause the level of the alkaline solution in tl:
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* Journal of the American Medical AssodoHony 1897, xxix, 63.
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I5v sueeessively eN|M.siiii; Mood |,, ujis mixtures that eontain sli-rlitl.v
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nil' of the hniffs are all factors to be considered.
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tition, &c. and to the degree of counter-irritation
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sdiiic jici't'iisi'd |irc|iaiaticins, siii-Ii as liic intestine, it dues imt seem tn I-


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