by securing drainage by other means than through a tube.

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one continuous piece with a margin of four inches of healthy

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she chose to do so there were other professions more suitable for

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It requires relatively a higher pressure and a larger pneumothorax

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cannot learn much of the production of prolapsus uteri by experiment

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with man he continues his meats and fats his greases and his

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ent writes From your excellent editorial in last week s

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She said the girl had been well and had not eaten any

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fits in all health insurance policies sold in the United

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intolerance of light increased lachrymation flaccid condition of the

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post mortem examinations have failed to discover any

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required when such inflammations tlo suppurate. We see

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Stereoscopic X ray photographs were taken from behind and from

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indicated. If the patient is aniemic iron or arsenic is indicated. If he

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white the blacky the broad tail the hornless and the

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Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society

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is spared a coroner s inquest the obloquy falls on Yours truly.

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searches dealing with the relation of arterial hypertension and

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there did exist some danger and while I am chiefly inter

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very extensive became completely resolved in the course of five

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Dr. Williams of tho Sussex Lunatic Asylimi at Haj ward s

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late in the disease. There is an area of tenderness around this

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intercostal space. Over the apex the element of impulsion of the

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that she can offer except that she has various pulmonary

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cximstantial evidence can be elicited. Every crash is potentially a

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the parts covered over with paper or linen. If one application

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duced. When strangles attack so violently as to render

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digestion of the food. It is carried down from the pancreas

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disasters. Upon the much disputed point as to whether or not it is


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