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ripen and wilt and then rubbed between the hands until

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light of day. And now since false rumors have been so diligently

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soon to afford any opportunity to judge of results.

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cure accidental formation of a fajcal fistula perfect re

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or both legs totally paralyzed. Another marked symptom is a fever

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associated it with what was supposed to be confined almost en

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I. Temperament. Weak nervous persons of lymphatic or venous

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leguminous flours must have an important bearing on the

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excluded and the explanations of the sttucture of the

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rhage cases. There were twentjf foor cases of disruptive

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English law it being stipulated that the plaintiff should obtain the

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exercise treatment. During the past four years he has

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thought to be more beneficial than one containing none. Naturally

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central nervous system was present intraspinal medical

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tered Avithin a short time. Vaccinated sheep should be subject

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three nearly cured. The commencing dose is i milligramme of

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plaint pass the whole of his days without betraying any

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drawn by aspiration will establish the diagnosis and

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heart the pulse becomes feeble irregular and intermittent. The

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to whether there had ever been an epidemic of the disease

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Case IV. Equine black two years male. Diagnosis Ridg

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ure the human craving expressed in alcoholic indulgence.

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flexion. Palpation through the vaginal walls reveals

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and Ether as an Ancesthetic. After defining the qualities of what could

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well. To avoid unnecessary repetition it may be stated that all the

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