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The excessive debility induced by spermatorrhoea demands our
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the third of a grain of phosphorus. The daily aggregate of the
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tained its fullest development. I cannot think that, in face of
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dence in the very nature of the maladies, is conclusive that for
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probability is altogether in favour of the belief that it acts as a
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animals which continue recumbent than in those which keep
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The Administration of Chloroform to Children. By M. Deb out.
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which projected into the bladder had served as a nucleus for the calculus.
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eroded edges. They are sometimes covered with a brownish
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In selecting this subject, I shall not at- often the nervousness above spoken of,
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rially unlike those described of the disease as it prevails elsewhere.
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vessels arrive loaded with goods and cannot be discharged for want
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chloroform, and is attended by none of its dangers. Its use
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means of their metabolic products, the inflammatory condition
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nodule in the muscular tissue in which its head appeared. In
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ence of the former might very readily be ascribed, in mistake, to
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the cardiac orifice of the stomach ; but we can readily enough un-
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toms following the intravenous injection of the virus were, as
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dealing with the treatment of the cases as to which it is most
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ding to my directions, with the effect of producing some warmth on


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