ical institutions of the City, among which may be mentioned those
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After spending two years in the College of Medicine of
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which attended the commission is to be attributed. In conjunction
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the potency question, " be homoeopathy, then I repudiate ho-
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Cracks and Jissttres involve both tables of the skull of orie
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million particles. Each of these can be seen, and measured to
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into the rectum to bring the anterior wall forward, and to follow
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eight months, then as senior walker for five months, and as house
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preacher, by W. S. Kennedy. George W. Cable has a noble
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symptoms were great prostration of strength, a single speck on
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quiring also a fair experience in the treatment of skin
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gravitation will bring about the desired result. It has been
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arrange for the next annual meeting of the Society, to be held
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has been an epidemic in which fear has not proven an impor-
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Dr. Fuller was the true type of the "good physician," courteous in his bearing,
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of 1S77. Realizing the need of immediate experience and
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and of their being made up of linear fibres, tendons are, of
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American Academy of Medicine, the New York Pathological Society,
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Bellevue Hospital Medical College in New York city.
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Dr. Thomas Haynes (1792-1860) who practiced medicine at Westfield,
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teously invited to deliver a lecture on homceopathy before a
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After having instilled two, three, or five drops of this solution
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preparatory treatment. This last would be final in some
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and Toxicology, and Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology until
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is apt to cause headache, vomiting, violent gastralgia, convul-
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"Orthopedic Operations at the Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled from
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diameter being about 7.5 /x, with normal variations between 6 and 9 /a. In
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until the present time (1918). He was appointed consulting
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sumed his walk, and awoke next morning with no memory %i it,
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reduced from 11 to 8, and even to 6-5 millimetres (from
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concussion the extremities are cold, the respiration is difficult,
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resulting from the disease, is shown by the fact that the menses
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of a year, he became an avowed convert, and joined the
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These were the first systematic studies ever made in this
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not exceed, in spite of appearances, 2 centimetres.
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also attended lectures at the Hospital College of Medicine at Louis-
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geons; member of the Sigma Chi Iota Nu Sigma Nu. His clubs are
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been carried home, and from which he had not aroused, though
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A great many tracks are multiple, either caused by several
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condemnation of indiscriminate drug-givers, not by an ostracized
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by authors, — such as "inebriate automatism," "inebriate in-
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Society of the Surgical Society, the West End Medical Society, the


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