ing the pelvis found its dimensions to be as follows :
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apoplectic form of retinitis seen in syphilitic subjects is not seen in acquired
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tion is in the hands of the dominant school. Let them throw open
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ity, Thou art not sick, and therefore nothing in this universe
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others that are much smaller and differ considerably
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Same as P. hrevicaule Sacc, except the following di£Ference noted:
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is in a stupor, this is all that can be done till the doctor comes; if
in practice in case of chronic dysentei^. He reports a case.
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during the progress of the disease. Of the eleven fatal cases, the longest
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medical treatment. (2) Persons labouring under or recover-
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are found in the course of the temperature, and they are sometimes
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or three hours, the itching recommences. In the last three weeks the
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in the bone ; the horsehair ligatures are fastened by a slip-
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pain, that can only be relieved by the lancet. But after due
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in this case was very pleasing, but after the tracheal wound
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vitality. Typhoid ostitis may develop years after an attack of typhoid
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more because they are satisfied that they possess, and have long pos-
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easei of tumour in this region the mass is felt to be hard and
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Scottish douche, where we wish a stimulation, is of very
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Amongst those things that give promise of hope in the future
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the largest in the history of the society, with a registration of 380.
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rens und seine Anwendung bei Fiebernden. Arch. f. path.
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All communications and packages by mail, or otherwise,
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while others advocate them perhaps too universally. As in the case of
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Farr, devised a system of Nosology which has been discussed at
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parallel wires, laid on the page to guide the hand. For some
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four or six instillations. The dilatation of the pupil is then
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opponent to version, to be capable of sustaining an average weight of 105
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and assumed the type of a giant-cell sarcoma, [q.b.w.]


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