and we do not believe that any stimulant, in the form of alco-

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twenty-two inches high, measuring in the largest portion of its

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On motion of Dr. , it was resolved that the transactions of this

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fear, while cauterization not only is rejected by a large number of

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some carbonic acid continued to be expired, and oxygen sep-

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recurred from time to, which were generally relieved by the use

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bullets. Persons may be shot through the chest, one or both

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2d. Sulphur Baths. — In 65 cases treated by M. M. Baudelocque,

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Art. V r . Tubercular Phthisis — the Result of Imperfect Cell

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be hoped for from any plan of treatment, having in view per-

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rate, the tubes are absorbed, and the ball of endochrome grad-

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works commonly found in the Doctor's library, and from his own

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but no soluble albumen. By treating the fluid with a little water,

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by myself that the disease might possibly be small-pox. The

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that we are almost led to wonder why they should have borrowed even the

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objects at which they should aim in the great work of education.

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that these innovations upon the general mode of managing such mat-

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new supplies of moisture. More particularly is this true of the

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a soluble form, but the carbonic acid gas . diffused through-

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carefully performed surgical operations : all other

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the formation of an abscess in the wall of the abdominal protru-

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If the pathological deposit produced by the dyscrasy is of recent forma-

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It explains the automatic action of mental faculties, here-

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other condition, these medicines are objectionable, the best substi-

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The Royal College of Physicians, London, requires thirty-si*

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least, attributable to Chloroform. This case is another illustration

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up in a state of abduction, then across the abdomen, and being

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produced by the proper administration of this remedy." Among

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tannin and color ; powdered charcoal, black tea, ground

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So, likewise, the more recent productions of Rokitansky, Jones


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