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fact that the Young Men s Christian Association has a relation
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and that gentleman either not appreciating the nature
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or pleura or some lesion in the diaphragm or ffledi tinum.
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The atrophy of the subcutaneous fat immediately over the tumor
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digestion till then painful and even impossible became normal.
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is generally adulterated and the Cassia Fistula of Linnasus
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headache. Other adverse reactions occurring are the following cutaneous vasodilatation with
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of the larynx the aryteno epiglottic folds are thickened and shortened
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or if it stimulates them to the performance of their func
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been enacted during the last session of the Legislature.
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disease which is observed in the workers who till the submerged banks of
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suffering from low nutrition has probably more to do with the gangrene
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its chemical habitudes should act so differently on the human sys
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the disease and none of the others. This circumstance
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good results. He had not encountered any case in which
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everywhere hard or at most became indistinctly softened or to
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The long duration of the treatment with radium suggests that it
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which were treated chiefly according to the method formerly pur
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building line are provided for. Alterations and rebuilding of old
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lations scattered over the same work. For this total defect of
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I have ascertained most positively that the affection is entirely inde
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Figure represents the sterilizers with the water boiling under
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ginning of druukennefs is owing to the increafed action of the
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and having no time to reload he seized a billet of wood anc
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treatment while nearly all other bacteria are decolorized.
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from the irritation due to hyperacidity of the gastric juice
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extent to which homoeopathy is practiced in this country or the
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itive reactions in a number of conditions in which the
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ment in general it is to be mentioned that in the hands of
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Iridectomy as performed for the relief of glaucoma confeists in
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acrid taste and leaves a sense of tingling and numbness on the tongue.
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The tendency of pleural fluid to sediment within the chest must be
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upon and condemn all modes of practice differing from their owu.
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Jid with a dose of either the other numbers when given
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charlatanism it had developed a feeling of friendship and


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