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took him to the Wills Eye Hospital and was told not to have
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The lack of validity of both points can probably be
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published observations believed to show a beneficial action of the drug in
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hot, dry, dusty season has given rise to the surmise that dust may
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pressure lowering activity of a single 0.5-Gm. morning dose
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Symptams—The animal hu difficulty in swallowing Hi.
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ule may be amended by the House of Delegates during
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blood-pressure, the more they become persuaded toward the conclusion
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mining what groups of ideas are by nature antagonistic. Freud
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Tiwitment.-If poMible, give rest. If not, endeavor aa far as
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Charles H. Foertmeyer, Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati, 1872,
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the headaches were almost unbearable. Hypodermic injections of morphin
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Discussion was by R. K. Updegraff. N. Rosewater and E. A. Powell.
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that parthenogenesis of the macrogametocytes, after a period of dormancy
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servations show that as much of the drug is eliminated in one-
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Bacteriological Laboratory show a pollution throughout the year
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these facts are usually painstakingly acquired, and that the scien-
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cases being reported from the Associated Charities; the Ba-
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sharp headache, dizziness and convulsions of the severest
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hour pressure by prolonging or deepening the sleep were apparently
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are compelled in this problem to attack consequences rather
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“certain level of addiction is irremedial.” In any
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A hand manual for those providing emergency care to
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uniformity. The level at 24 hours after the single dose
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veins were examined microscopically, and with the exception
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also be killed with a Tobacco and Soap wash made aa foUowa :
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be regularly examined, the bowels and diet regulated. She
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er, and the speaker, respectively, whenever these senior
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concludes from the study of twenty cases that the majority of infants and
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are spongy and elastic. The uterus behind the placenta is so
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fifteen or twenty years. But these again have missed the mark
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