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But with advancing years the eliminating organs become less

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fibres, which control the expressions of the lower portion of the face.

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tremes of life, infancy and old age. It is similar to bronchitis but a

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The Pia Mater. — The pia mater is a thin tissue which forms the

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without. The rheumatic poison is generally regarded as belonging

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and the accumulation of water in the blood and tissues. The experi-

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The increase in size of the lumen of the tubules may also be due to its

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is feeble, the breathing is labored and gasping or apparently ceases.

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lar among the people who prescribe somewhat for their own family.

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only tlie nutritive sugar, but iu severe forms that also which is pro-

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are those in which the chronic fonn of the disease follows in the

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thelial cells. Many sufferers from diabetes present generalized

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remain permanently weakened, and may even become completely

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of the accidents of pregnancy and parturition are prepared among

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decline of the inflammation in the one has nothing to do with its ap-

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