trotonic effects of the current were strikingly manifest Alternate applications
the lunnber is limited and fixed, for whieh physioloji^y affords
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stances. There were caries, suppuration, rapid depreciation of
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mental depression and flushing heats so common at this period.
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lost because of lung cancer - followed by colon and rectal
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to render them delicate in health and susceptible to dis-
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member of the profession as we have today, Dr. Frank Billings, of
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It is a very insidious disease, capable of deceiving the patient.
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ous bands that run from the collapsed lung to the chest wall. These
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of pulmonary phthisis, by becoming affected produces a
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two could not be reduced Giving to numerous other com-
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In one case (Figs. 1 and 2) the evidence is in favor of some growth having taken
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to break the bones being sufficient to drive in the soft parts also.
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IN THE DIET. ical of resources to feed farm crops to milch
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•with the hand, which would require a somewhat large cut through the ahdomi-
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saliva of the mosquito. This usually takes from 10 to 14 days from
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pyajmia, without the most careful and devoted nursing. I was
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integument, which hangs down. Near the shoulder is a hard nodule.
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^th. Found the worm broken to-day. Incipient inflamma-
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every tooth is needed to develop the jaw, and that is of more importance
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contract: " for better or for worse." I made no excuse, as we've
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I have further seen the rapid involution of the tuber-
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e, d, e, conidiiferous cells and conidia ( X 1 .400); g, h, J, sketches of form and arrangement of conidiophores
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at this time Messrs Simpkin, Marshall «S: Co. became the London
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who wishes to read along lines of diet and nutrition.
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varicose veins, and of the application of free resection to the treat-
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Foreign Language : Two years of the Latin Language.
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Where there is great restlessness, sodii bromide, either
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ogy, Plastic Surgery, Public Health, Surgery, Wisconsin Allergy Society.
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saline matter ; hence its purgative effect on the child. If this is realty
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the patients to their attendants. The errors of the whole of
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tod possftgee. In considering this subject we must not forget to advert
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of the observations and opinions of such men as Howitz and Bateman,
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the pen of Fielding H. Garrison. This is an exception-
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had been taken by the English and which were strictly
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the endometrium was always absent, its place being occupied by a layer of
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on temperature were made only once a day. He would not consider the.


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