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factors in promotions. To guard against the charge of partial or unfair
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Iler twenty-four-hour collection of urine had a trace of sugar.
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and quick, regular, of the Corrigan type. Capillar}^ pulse is
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a centrifugal than a lateral one, considering that the dilatation involves
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a miltl galvanic current applied to the ulcer might be of service, but we
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have been thoroughly tried upon a ver}' large scale, but it was
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be observed with respect to the degree of cold, for it may easily be overdone
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by divers men." Immediately following, letters of protection are given
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Racine resident said, half jokingly: “What are they
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calkins and toe-pieces should be done away with for all kinds
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cially towards the close, it is passed involuntarily. Intolerance of light and
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derived from the lymphatic elements normally pervading the
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which began to suffer with metrorrhagia, painful and
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extreme, since cases in which the ligature could not be employed, or
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Ohitervations on the Effects of Ozone upon Decomposed
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valve was again divided. The result was not satisfactory. In
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75° C; at the end of five minutes it reached 100° C.,
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coitapletely for a contagious or infectious disease. Compare its course as
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muscles of the thigh (psoas and iliacus) was going on.
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5> the ramus horizontalis ossis pubb; 6. the foramen obturatorium; 7, 7, 7. 7> urm
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it. Almost all patients suffering from aneurism are debarred
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approval of the commander of the oversea command or task force.
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a case in which the diagnosis was in doubt but for the pres-
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and also in that of others, the degree of anaesthesia produced
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brought to light the curious fact, that if, after having poisoned
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ment of the Henry Phipps Institute of the University of
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resulting from any excess of discharge or too free use of the water-dressing,
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at upper posterior border of sternocleidomastoid muscle which, under Rontgeniza-
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A Medical Athlete. — Our British contemporaries are
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the disturbed respiratory excursions and by the various sorts of dyspnea.


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