greater volume. The patients scratch and rub themselves vigorously.

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ica has been a matter of pure empiricism until within a short

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the abdomen distended, the general prostration marked, and often muttering '

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of the heart took place, but the irregularity was not abolished.

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from accumulating in the minuter bronchial ti^bes. We have already

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between cases delivering stillbirths and the total delivery

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and about half as wide. The margin of the plate around

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673,306. Invalid or surgical twd. Adolfo Lurla, Chicago.

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sublimate, iodine, creosote, zinc and iron chlorides, iodo-

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weakening of the longitudinal arch has been associated with the weak-

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suppuration of the tympanum does produce any change in the

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for the peculiar attraction between bacterium and cell

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Gaz. d. hop. de Touhmse, 1888, ii, 81; 89; 99, 1 plan.—

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are not indicated, so that confusion as to the presence or absence of

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tions to the use of the cold bath. They are especially to be avoided,

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Ludwig's angina (Roser, Kapper), or a tumour of the inferior maxilla, of

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it might disclose the real nature of the malady to a watchful observer.

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1 Report of the Poor Law Commission, 1909, Qs. 38380 (pars. 38, 39),

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enables large quantities of alcohol to be taken for

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regards albumen, and that the small quantity of ether adminis-

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ended Saturday, August 14, 1909, were equal to an annual rate

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1895. In Dr. Bullard's case the child struggled against

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moving different portions of the auditory tract and noting care-

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There is, however, a species of croup — pseudo-tracheitis — in which

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Moreover, the characteristic appearances on inspection enable the experi-

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plete, the patient must remain in bed all the time, and

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variation as the cuticular discharge, sometimes being mild, at

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This is shown by a falling index which tends to become progressively

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comes before them, and consider whether or not they are cases

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Causation. — Although most (not all) authorities agree that

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gelatin in 100 cc. solution and having a pH of 3.5 were made up in H2O

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the alleged legal provisions to obviate the evil ; or do they mean

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resembling the solid tuberous growths which might fol-

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hour's exercise ia the open air, and breakfast afterwards.)

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** of the neck of the uterus, on treatment of. By Wynn Williams, M.D 254

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the papilloma in it. Pain may be present long before the

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of no pain. M<)rphina' hulph., gr. \, adminiHtered liy|)oderiMat-

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favorable. Phenacetin resembled acetanilid, but was


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