stored up for the welfare of the individual. And there are other

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results were brought about by the administration of

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presumptive signs Nos. and are probable signs Nos.

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country appears to be intimately related to soil tempera

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should abandon all attempts to act on the heart itself and direct our

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occur rarely and late some pigs are noticed to be dull not

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Of these the first is the onlv one which seems to me

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MEDICAL SOCIETIES throughout the United Kingdom during

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and wounds. It is generally essential for the student to have

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It should first be mentioned that formerly the opinion

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acidosis may occur without lipemia and that marked lipemia may

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conscientious man form an opinion that an abdominal disease has been

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puter sur le champ dans le plus grand nombre des cas

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of water and very soluble in alcohol ether chloroform

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the power of the solution to split hydrogen peroxide but did not

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denigo in which they found the micrococcus of sputum

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The time of the occurrence of the attack is also strongly

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There being no other nominees Dr. Elias Pratt Torring

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sub standard business are insured at sub standard rates as

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by which they are produced. The price of the Almanac is.

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Fortunately these cases are not very common. Between

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recognizable are different from any other diseases hitherto known.

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to apply the one giving the smallest apparent error in this series of

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opinion that only strong persons can indulge in the practice but that

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sporadic but that in the number of cases was sufficiently large

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localities in question and before had other facts indicating a possible

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gramme or grains. In the latter case the urea also was frequently

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