Excdsin. — The oil-free meal of the Brazil nut was extracted with 3 per cent
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were somewhat broken down; the protoplasm was granular and the cells were entirely
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not demand this kind of explanation. Instances are recorded, for
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Daily observations were made of the temperature and pressure
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which agrees with the conclusions of Russell and Hoffman stated above. They note
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Duration of disease in mules and horses. — Murrina is far more
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of this fact in connection with the theory of transmission of spotted
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regards the poisonous effects on the system generally, it is long
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crime, gives the result of a long life and a large experience in
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however, had so reduced the patient that the slightest attempt to
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reduces the albuminuria. Sodium benzoate may be prescribed as
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me that his experience of injection in a similar case was such that
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to obtain any real knowledge or permanent hold of general prin-
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These experiments indicate that the weasel (Putorius xanlho-
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Blood serum, drawn from the renal vein of a goat, proved of decided
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not be fully expanded. Can there be any doubt that this some-
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from animals of most diverse species, but will not react with the serum or other pro-
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of the pipette are then delivered into a cylinder containing 95 c.c.
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authors do not report such success as he experienced from its use, but
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that, so far as medication is concerned, external applications play the
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boiling the result depends upon whether the meat is put immediately
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undiluted or diluted normal and immune serum, and that some-
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same exudate were actively phagocytic. No explanations of these
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The following fatal case occurred in my own experience : — An


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