the induction period, and that the failure to recog-

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by an increase of the watery stools, as is so usually

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Trachoma in Philadelphia. — Within a short time the

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equally true of the bones, of the muscles, of the cir-

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nor without undue fatigue ; they are restless, flit-

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The dura surrounding the pale portion also slightly above

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organic afifections such as cardiac, nervous, vascu-

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^ The tablets are diamond shape and marked "POISON;" the

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in the side. The examination reveals a tumor in the

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version of the Bible was prepared ; and ponder well

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ing, the signs of dilation may be but slight or may

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they be moist ; and all they generally, whose veines, pipes

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condition, but in order that the seriousness of the

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from the exhaustion of which he died. The examination

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part of the long muzzled critics is likely to be great,

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the materials out of which the crystals are formed.

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2. Lacerations of the Tentorium in Labor, together with

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were all alike — as they should be — it would take a

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can usually be allayed by the induction of vomiting.

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gen, and other difficulties to be expected with a new

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flicted "with any venereal disease, which is conta-

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fered in a greater or less degree from interstitial

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"That boy came into the hospital some time in the latter part of


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