of opium, enemata, and fomentations, and she was able towards

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In tonsilitis the tonsils are swelled so much that patients

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" Its operation, in checking or removing the symptoms of syphilis, is

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galloped on hard ground, or when walked up hill, the animal being

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Alopecia is much more apt to affect men than women, the difference in

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means of preventing the recurrence of that disorder.

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could speak single words fairly and could walk by the aid of

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from New England, travelling in a stage-coach which passed through this

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portion of the cervix is considerably enlarged and hypertrophied.

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It shall have the power to combine, enlarge, or dis-

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instances in which the sponge-tent had proved Its remedial

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The high specific gravity of diabetic urine, which in mild casef

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His foundation is both experimental and clinical and

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sterile abscess of the buttocks. In order to rule out other

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to drink remained free from infection. Of the thirty-six cases the

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edges of the ruptured muscles into contact, and stitching

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count of His Majesty's illness which appeared in our second

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ceed to Cape Corrientes in ^lexico, from which he would "coast it

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cell infiltration commonly seen in chronic lymphatic leuk;cmia.

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political within the context of Virchow's definition, that can often

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Roots, William Sudlow, F.R.C.S., Kingston-on-Thames

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contains no less than fifteen chapters. We must confine our-

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MOLLITES OSSIUM. — In this disease the bones become

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and it is only the occurrence of a more sudden movement that causes

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But some thick yellow lymph was found in the velum interpositum just

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condition, barring syphilis and trauma, equally prolific of morbid

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But we submit that such a laige proportion in the first year,

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and breaking of tissue with the angiotribe as with the o'rdinary ligature.

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to 8 weeks altogether. After this the patient is put upon

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The surcingle is then buckled over the saddle and should be a little looser


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faecal evacuations. We do not have any evidence that

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tion for a reducing substance. Globulin does not exist in demon-

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the deaths were nearly as numerous as at the corre-

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It has seemed to me that, in these and other instances,

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with the force just before its administration, is, as ex-


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