be thought of Mr. Frazer's method in the elephantiasis scroti, no
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uninjured there was no hemothorax. The signs and symptoms
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revealed necrosis of the entire shaft of the tibia and a
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McClelland, of Pittsburg, was appointed to take charge.
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given 10 grains (0.65 Gm.) of calcium lactate every three
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■thq,n at the aortic punctum maximum. It usually is loud at the beginning
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preparation is forgotten. Occasionally, however, science commands
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fibres may undergo contraction without any obvious alteration of
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temperatures, using Fermi's (19) method. Equal amounts of the
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symptoms in men — apparently healthy — and the con-
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nostic value. Its absence, however, does not negative the presence
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occurs chiefly on swampy ground. It also affects sheep, goats,
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dium adhered to the heart; it contained four ounces of
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the dining-room with a carving knife in hand, with a bleat in
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The autopsy shewed a dislocation forwards of the second lumbar,
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chloride of mercury, is the most effective germicide,
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ance."— From the Journal, of the American Medical Association, Chicago.
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From this accident recovery may take place; sometimes, however, it initiates
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It is often not shown to the doctor, but the desire is there
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Less serious would be an anisonormocytosis, more favorable an
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moscopic examination, with the result that the vessels of the
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the appearance of the plaintiff was like that of a pregnant
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deposition of lymph and pus ; brain tissue greatly congested ; base of brain covered in patches
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had many English books, Eiverius, Culpepper, Bonettus, &c., which she
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at 60 C. As soon as the evolution of chlorin has ceased, another portion of 3 gm.
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been wounded by a small-sized bullet, which had passed from
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tion. Dr. R. G. Norris gave the results of his use of
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and it is quite natural that frequently that should give
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