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down, causes this. It is a mere physical symptom. Keep up
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similation with spirits, and so long as they agree and have
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leaf-surfaces they afford a cooler temperature in summer.
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symptom. This occurs in the form of small reddish puncta, from which
dexamethasone used for poison ivy
may be obtained all the year, fresh or canned. The soja beans
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important auxiliary in these cases to the internal bath by the mouth is
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The antipyretic action of the sheet bath may be explained as follows:
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Great advances have been made in feeding the lower ani-
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festations, and the same observation has been made by others Avith
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than any other race. They lead active lives' mentally, slug-
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suppuration occur as a complication, the fever may be of the hectic
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tered hypodermically during the height of the fever. This causes free
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birds, and the mosquito has been suggested as a host. Some
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edge of the presence of what are called ptomaines in organic
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to hospital with blindness — both eyes. In addition there was
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and when animals are inoculated with these the clinical characteristics of


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