regarded by Bollo as a very appropriate diet and ham was recommended by

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duals which reproduces and perpetuates itself. The applica

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and Chinese as food and the excellent results obtained by Osborne

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almost general in Bosnia extra uterine acquired lues is not rare.

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Cocoa is too rich for most dyspeptic stomachs some find it accept

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sible for addicts to get their customary drugs. Of the

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there was found a large amount of thick mucus. Examination for

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these tubercles as well as immediately under the before mentioned puckered spots

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old course. It is only by the long continued influence anA

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kovom refleksie pri slukhovikh razdr izheniyakh kamerto

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of high explosives and M. Arnoux a French engineer has computed

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be considered only if there is great pain and a rea

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burg Iwonicz Konigsdorfl Jastrzemb Kissengen Krank

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also occurred during the puerperal state and following diphtheria. It

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Dr. Huxley took a deep interest in the present unhappy civil war

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lantin has yielded good results when used prophylactically.

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i of remedies by steady advance in symptomatology and

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inoculation practiced and by further making cross injections with

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If the child is defective or delinquent he does not

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which complete recovery was delayed for several months.

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body would seem to be a reliable indication of the age and original

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Chief among the organs to be affected is the stomach

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speciallv valuable to the undergaduate student of medicine.

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simulation. This is true of some observers as we will

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The next question was to find some agent that would destroy

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jand hence the fallacy of any experiment performed on

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same as that recommended for the inguinal and the same gene

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colony sinking into the depression. On gelatin stab cultures the liquefaction

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hither to yon and back again seeking knowledge which seems always

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was net fully drawn to this probable explanation of the difficulty until

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bacilli and spirilla must depend upon the results of the bacteriological

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of it a UUU largtr tlum the oaaoer applying it which exposes

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of alleviating her condition. I told him the only thing would

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the nerve is exposed at the operation by the appli

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pienaed to go from Birmingham to Carlisle to give his Profes

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Prophylactic vaccines were made for cholera and enteric group. The

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disease are scanty. In children thickening of the joint

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rially of excellent results from this food and we again heartily

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position obhquely across the bed with the nates brought

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to the representation of physiological variations in the ap

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seemed to verify the patient s suspicions. Gastrotomy showed

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last even the events of yesterday are forgotten while those of early life

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terial vaccines could carry out the treatment of patients.


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