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group of lymphoid elements thus causes the small thymus cells
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dying away, with a brown or yellow crust on the seventh day, others
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these cases, while the lungs are either badly developed and imper-
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dilation, present for a brief period prior to occlusion of the subclavian,
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estimating the value of the last experiments, it should not be forgotten that suc-
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urination, thoroughly to evacuate the bladder, either by frequently
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of coldness pervading the lower limbs. To this, succeeded head-
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pulse, or, if slow at first, it may soon become frequent. The axillary tem-
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liaving become increased in difficulty and attended with a distinct
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fatal. It has also appeared at Magdeburgh, on the Elbe, and in
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were in no way interested in tlie transactions of the
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this local anEESthetic." — Southern Dental Journal.
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were intense. Upon auscultation, not the slightest respiratory
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method of blood sugar determination described by Lewis and Benedict
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to whom the merit of the discovery is generally awarded abroad,
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December 31st; on January 14th there had been no attack. Treatr-
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mittent prevail. There seemed to be no indication for the abstrac-
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fistula; the thrill, not palpable at first, later may be perceived with
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rentis than salvarsan, the ratio being 1:600 to 1:400. The curative
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The roots, etc., to be finely powdered, and the whole mixed thoroughly.
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good preliminary education, including the Latin language, should
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the rales diminish or disappear immediately after the first injection. In Case 2
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copper chloride, which has been suggested by Fischer, experimentally
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pient deliquium, we efiect the completest anaesthesia of the motor
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is erratic in that just as convalescence is aj)parently established all the acute
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tensive paralysis, which may be permanent or slowly recovered from. Or
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black drop, every two hours. Another opening was made through
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By-Laws as relates to what is denominated "the right of the floor,""
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It occurred to the author, however, that in tissue cultures conditions
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of the character of the lesion. Hypersemia and inflammatory conditions
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the capillaries of the bowels; but sad to relate, she never knows
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Our defective knowledge of the disease is in a great measure to be
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respecting the rabidness of the dog by which she was bitten. That
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to fifteen years, attending the Hebrew Sunday School ; little more
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fused simultaneously. Note the increase in reducing substance in the heart-
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5. Dilation or aneurysm of the subclavian artery has been ob-
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glands, a considerable depletion of the store must be assumed to have taken
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Dr. S. Jackson, formerly of Northumberland, Pa., presented and
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The use of the chamber of the College was granted to the Phila-
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Moscow is as far from Berlin or Vienna as New York is
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the heart approximated its original size. The error that resulted
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eruption which she had bad od the nose since she was- 15, that is to say^
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before she would drop away. Yon can see that this was not a very
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terior branches of two or three of the nerves upon the left side are those


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