breathing and of increase in the vocal fremitus. The points of differential
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by castor-oil. Thoroughly washing the anus and the parts around it with
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may exist from the onset. In the majority of cases, well-marked pneumonic
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nized. Ascites is seldom present ; when developed, it is slight. The whole
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the same course as cancer of the tongue. The ulceration may be limited
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stead of iinding intense congestion, there will be more or less extensive se-
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montatioii also occurs in cases of lonp^-standinf:^ jaundice. In melanosis wo
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the pulmonary vessels, especially those of the main trunk, are thickened
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night than by clay. Upon examination it will be found that the bone
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when in the animal organism ; without capsule in cultures. Does not melt
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velopments in the liver and peritoneum. The enlargement of the spleen
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cerous developments, we find, besides, that the liver is nodular and very
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directed upward and backward, to avoid the testicle which is at the
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anterior parts of the bodies of the vertebrae have boon partly deprived
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sterilized platinum needle, with the substance suspected to contain micro-
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life, between the ages of thirty-five and sixty, and occurs in men more often
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suppression of urine, and marked cerebral disturbances. Dysentery may
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in quantity to one-third of the faecal mass, should be poured over it. The
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less frequent and acquire a faecal odor. The temperature falls, the pulse
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abundant, later it diminishes, and the case becomes one of a " quiescent
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the seat of inflammatory or irritative processes, as pneumonia, capillary
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way of making sure of the diagnosis, and that is by passing a searcher.
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ment of a case of peritonitis, according to this plan, to be present and de-
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rity of the spinal nerve roots. These nerve roots will be more or less
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bodies are usually swallowed by children, drunkards, or the weak
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south latitude. The boundaries of this belt are quite irregular, now ap-
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become more or less detached should always be preserved. Contused
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normal position as is possible for them to be. There are numerous
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with a profuse perspiration. The pulse grows weak and rapid as the


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