and a truthful picture of the terrible dilhculties thrown in the way of the
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rally, before reaching the railway, the men have to pass a night in a
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body linen immediately on removal from the patient. Pocket-hand-
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management. There is reason to believe that the skin-eruption is the
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side to side ; and the mouth was opened and shut, but she did not bite
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returned a verdict of death from small-pox, accelerated by non-vaccina-
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which, owing to its importance, enjoys a position recognised by the
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jointly with the Board of Police Commissioners. Such fees shall be
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fied for the practical duties of an Army Medical Officer, he will be
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livery, she complained of pains in the head, and had a-dema of the
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No hardness or thickening of the wall of the rectum could be detected.
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firmary ; the Asylum for Idiots, Earlswood ; the Royal Hospital for
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draw their attention to the following facts connected with it : — That the
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among the medical profession ; he believed, however, that an amend-
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It will be remembered that, at a meeting of some of the friends of the
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the morbid anatomy of the last-named disease. 2. What do you mean by loco-
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The total number of medical students who had matriculated up to the
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medical sources, we have not attempted to do much more at present than analyse
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ing cases which have come under my observation within the last two
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they usually arise in its stroma. I have long been disposed to regard
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The Italian Committees for aiding the sick and wounded in war have
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membrane; a class of cases produced mostly by over-work, anxiety,
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writer believed he had never passed the sigmoid flexure, and questioned
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as Surgeon to the Queen in Ireland. He concluded by reminding his
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abstainer. They had become drunkards in spite of themselves, and
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quired. On this subject it is right to speak very plainly. Notwith-
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many years from a close stricture of the urethra, which he attributed
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one could scarcely understand any attempt whatever being made to
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The President : You are entitled to propose an amendment; but, as
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fear it has not been done, since I have twice written on ttie subject and
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without reason. Their best satisfaction is, that the class of students
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appeared ; and from this date (4th) she progressed favourably, har-
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are the reasons for supposing they do so act, and in what diseases are they given?
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bromide of potassium a most valuable agent in the prophylaxis of
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.St. George's, i p.m.— Central London Ophthalmic, 1 p.m. — Royal
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mother or the nurse. .Should any large cicatrix or other inconvenience
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plan had been to discuss with his class the diathetics — the diseases
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denying work will be before you. But let not this discourage you. It


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