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This was carried with applause. The President made a suitable

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large body of employees and receiving the entire remuneration for

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tality is much larger than that of ether that it does its

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Dr. Campbell in accordance with the notice of motion given

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ance to character that each stimulation of mechanism short of fatigue increases

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form of disease Hydroa gestationis which has been included under this

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ative process will become plainly evident except where the process is

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a yellowish or rusty white. In other circumstances the gy j v.

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examination of the duodenum at autopsy. These findings also explain

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disturbances which are translated into the sjinptoms of disease as constituting fimc

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Gens amp al B.BMARKS. It is not our purpose to enter into an

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turned in its cell. For the latter reason and also be

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are added. Mallein is therefore composed of the endo and oxo toxins

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The pigmented spots were only present in those members of the

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International Clinics. A Quarterly of Clinical Lectures by Professors and Lecturers in the

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must not be taken for granted. The cause of death seems to be

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done it is an especially difficult trade in which to control the working

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And in addition to the ventricular hypertrophy and dilatation

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his own and by others which have been cured by phosphorus.

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marked Fahr. On being questioned he said he had had

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tion cheesy foci are found in the lungs and occasionally in

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Die durch Olpidium Salicorniac verursachte Hypertrophie l t sich

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as to be inoperative the eustachian tube maybe closed by inflam

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made out the gangrenous condition of the appendix he would

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Sir I was much interested in reading the account of a case


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