acute hypersecretion had dried out the tissues and induced
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chorea ; 1 1 of these were primiparee and gave a history of pre-
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hol — enlarge the heart. Schott stated that the Nauheim
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complishment of the third important object to be attained by
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Ana. — 'This qnestlon was answered In The Jouknal of April 13,
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fied as follows: Pyogenic ostitis or osteomyelitis — ^not
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H. M. McClanahan, Nebraska; H. D. Didima, New York; Geo.
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faithful g^de in every department of its work: One who has
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they again become septic from their own secretions, as
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life, and of this increase school conditions and work seem to be
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years, and it is possible that the illnesses of many chil-
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A third gives a history of perfect health through a
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nual meeting of the Association of Mlllltary Surgeons of the United
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to this work, and our knowledge has been enriched by
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impairment of the nutrition of the entire organ, or
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neoplasm in the cecvun is reported, accompanied by an abscess
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Gaylord. It is an argument for the infective and protozoan
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gencies may arise. He thinks the new method may be more
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operation here is as much indicated as in a streptococcic
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It is as unwise to discuss all the possible calamities that
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to our readers and to fix the responsibility for all that is ad-
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steam and gasolln. It la fair to assume from this fact that he Is
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on the Use of His Asparagln-Lactose-Carbol Gelatin. Cal-
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friends are moved by one thought only — to 'support the
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nothing," and another, "that Koch's bacillus is not
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ment advised by various laryngologists. The following
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do not see a case of it during their college course.
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That many of the cell inclusions in carcinoma are not
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tion at different ages." It is a matter of regret, there-
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up to the time of his writing, leans to the idea that the
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patient died suddenly, from asphyxia, twelve days after
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Institute of New York for services in caring for poor persons
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Association, and the Committee on National Legislation, that
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done ; for instance, he knew how much twice two was,
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siata of Drs. George S. Wattam; H. Longstreet Taylor, St
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Dr. Frank S. Bich, Towson, has been appointed physician
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29. Ingruinal Hernia. — ^The operations for inguinal hernia
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must be placed on these as it relates to sectarian colleges, etc.


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