amount was about the same as when the bile was taking its
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State, that it is possibly true, as insisted by counsel, that it
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quit that for the soap business. In a recent private letter
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A shoemaker, aged 16, of a lymphatic temperament, had been affected for
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were related in which the tendon was divided. His plan was to make a
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annual commencement exercises April 3. Hon. William Kuy-
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of the pupil. If foiled in this attempt, you must move the light slowly up
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disease, delivered at the College of France, in 1837-8.
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administered could have been recovered unchanged from the
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error particularly, because it tends to call in question the accuracy of obser-
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do not communicate with the lumen of the ducts, and
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etiologic factors, the mode of onset, the absence of
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Indiana State Medical Society, South Bend, May 15-17, 1901.
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coming forward above Pourpart's ligament. After a time a lumbricus was
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was procured, and the recovery of the patient, though slow, was complete.
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cervix ; the prepuce is unfolded, forming a loop of thin
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patible with the stillness of the fragments themselves.
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was of the same width as the bone, was entered through the
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dle-aged woman. It occupied the excavation of the bone below the orbit,
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compulsion, as his countrymen would not receive him and treat him with
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was felt in the throat. Expectoration, which heretofore had been free, with
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to determine that such regulations are in force. 6.
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which then relaxes and stiffens again under the fingers. The
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advantage from tonics before the termination of the disease. In fact, they
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mission, in writing, to the treasurer, and accompany said ap-
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base of the swelling, which was thus easily loosened and detached. It came
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all the sacrifices you shall make; for all the privations you shall suffer; for
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P. A. Surgeon J. M. Eager, upon expiration of leave of abaena
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and wheezing ; bowels have moved freely during the day.
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Orippal Mening^itlB. H. Rexou. — The author describea a,
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of protecting the capital of publishers engaged in the business
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wall. Moving the eye still to the left, a wafer was placed again on the
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permanganate, and oxalic acid solution, covering all the other
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with boric acid in saturated solution are most essential. The
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ing 30 grains of the' desiccated adrenals to the ounce
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On examining the bodies of elderly persons, we find the lungs always of
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trust to be yet more protracted — of professional usefulness, it is pleasing to


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