Preventive medicine is now taking the place it occu
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ishment hence her diet since confinement had consisted almost
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the raw surfaces and also to prevent undue shortening of the vagina
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ment The two means most commonly used for the quantita
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since the application of water in their treatment has
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maintenance the inspectors were induced to remain on duty until
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changes and call for aid at needed times. Such help exclude.
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the discovery of to morrow. Still a sufficiently large
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which he had seen Dr. Say re operate the patient was
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rhngewasdne to rupture of the pulmonary capillaries
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amino tryptophan group. With the isolation of a single
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The appearance of the patient when these symptoms have fully devel
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In severe diarrhcea the appearance of the patient always
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cocaine as a local anaesthetic in the numerous maladies for which a
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it is therefore wise to administer ether when removing the pro
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required from the very commencement and in which de
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tomosis of gall bladder with large intestine by means of
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not to any great extent endanger the life of a hemophilic woman. Of
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portion of the upper jaw the intermaxillary bone is
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fore this method which fifteen years ago was received
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disease of the chest than the right. This explanation is unsatis
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was marked difficulty in protruding the tongue. On admission
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which the power acts in a lever of the second class thus
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form the nucleus of a calculus and resist the lithotrite perform on
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Ether evaporates very rapidly even at an ordinary temperature
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for the Determination of Astigmatism by Geo. Straw
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Boiling in ordinary water will also cause rnsting but by the
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It was originally our intention to divide the time covered by the
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flammatory or degenerative changes with hcnemorrhage atrophic degener
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otherwise fatal doses of diluted antigen intravenously
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it is not Scotch whisky but just a stimulus to contraction.
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having been early in life schooled in the mysteries of
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occur noted. It was found that the blood of these animals affected with
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surgery may be on operations suggested and performed
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When nasal catarrh instead of subsiding persists for weeks together
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case Judge Green deciding in his favor that there was


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