mucous membrane, or occlusion of the tube at the point of

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as it could be." Assuming that Mr. Hopwood has given the

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ehairges considered in works on special pathology. Indeed,

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in the preceding two weeks, declined again to 22.7 during the week


mention, that when not ulcerated the same objection could

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the Wiener medizimsche Presse and, at a later period, of the

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Surgeon-Colonel from February 2tith, l.s8S. He was in the Abyssinian war

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was directed at the last meeting to the form of certificates

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writing still remaining on both sides. The script is neat, but

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is an incurable disease, but much may be done by proper at-

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Mr. G. \. H. Barton, Stonehouse ; Dr. J. J. E. Bayer, Calais; Mr. A. A.

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week by week to the provincial newspaper press by the letter-

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avoid ill temper, tight stays, tight boots, and indigestion,

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had edges somewhat raised and bevelled, and even had tlie

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liability; the burden of proof in such charges is upon the plaintiil'to

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Diabetes; its Various Forms and Different Treatjnents. Be-

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Fleet-Surgeon of the Monarch at the bombardment of Alexandria, July

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Sexepet-seeds 1. frankincense 1, sea-salt the same. Another for Drying

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of an agricultural labourer, went to a dentist to have some

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That Dr. Reid be cordially thanked for the great pains he has taken in

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Samauna die !" Y'es the Uathors shall say to Samauua "Depait !"

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longer operative. There was another point. The notifica-

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obliquely to the right. On questioning, him, he at once says

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Barrett, Richard, M.D. Q.U.I. , L.R.C.S.Edin., appointed Medical Officer

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on one subject, this omission of the author's name greatly

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firmed the conclusion thf^^ .t-i days is the usual periodbetween

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the Parkes Museum ; and the Central London Sick Asylum,

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thieves' quarter of Lille, and the thieves, when caught, in.-

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after direct injury both of the liver and gall bladder have also

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The other etiological factor operates in the initiatory de-

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the matter among all the rural local authorities in Scotland,

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the most important morbid agents, capable of producing dis-

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]M<rrii)ges. nnd Deallis in England and Wales, was the first

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search, to the front and outer side of the ctecum, and it was

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an inquest was held by one of the county coroters of Lancashire on a

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may be and should be free from this inconstancy, is pre-

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cough, scanty expectoration of bronchial mucus, tinged with

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tant Medical Officer London County Asylum, Claybury, Woodford,


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