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of the eighth ninth and tenth dorsal vertebrae. Outside
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being surrounded by a fluid medium and drawing the oxygen
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tween external objects and the uterine system yet this sym
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an intermediate substance in the oxidation of glycogen to carbonic acid and
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concerns or his her way of dealing with illness. Dr.
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towards perfecting the surgical and mechanical branches of our art
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ing quite heavily along the bones tenderness will be
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pathology of this important lesion has been removed. In the investigation
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maintain a consistent mindset of intelligent wariness.
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and most sensitive to its influence a profession which
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up. On admission to the medical service his free HCl was total
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Dr. Ray The experience with the Travelers has been most
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The results are tabulated below. Some of the animals were immu
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and the whole of the scaphoid. Some surgeons have gone
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That there exists a specific virus in connection with each of the
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to the pupils became normal but consciousness was not restored
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ing April th. By John G. Palfrey Secretary of the Common
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such seems to be the view which is taken of its pow
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gradual augmentation the severe pain which admits of no perma
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In presenting the above cases my object has been to show what
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that most of the hairs of such a head have undergone that indefinable
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those with large excavations. In these latter cases it is gen
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cocci. The latter had been obtained in pure culture by sterilizing
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with the oscillatoria although their mode of growth is like that
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convincinij arguments against its supposed traumatic
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t Ndo. Paracelsica inquibus vetus Medioina defenditur adversus G. Amwald
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Year s Progress in Medicine and Surgery. Under the Gen
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morrow following the close of the session. The applause which
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cosis from this exceedingly rough and unskilful tampering with
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November and again caused extraordinary destruction
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endemic to the American colonies. In my mind however it
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elbow f above the elbow the arm had a circumference


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