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intestinal canal of the child and passed from its mouth to the

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some other cases I have found the emetics of benefit in both

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by an arbitrary memorandum from the Commander in Chief in

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Relative Insufficiency. Relative insufficiency by far the most common

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Like these verbal expressions of frequency the term

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pronounced anaemia should be treated with alcoholic bev

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These few observations then did not indicate that the bile

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however occasioned and is therefore present in all diseases which rapidly

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have resulted from its external use and from the ingestion

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Agencies producing irritation are called irritants. They may

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and thereby favor secondary infection with putrefactive baC

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favourite line of treatment and a fairly large percentage of cases thus

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Siddhartha Gautama rides out and sees examples of the three evils

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wealthy people similarly affected improve in the best conditioned

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instance means a knowing in the heart a felt experience.

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circumstances an interruption of development occurs which prevents the formation

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through the body wall. If not free swimming it is eaten

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enervation and effemination examples of this may be

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In considering diseases of the respiratory tract I shall commence with

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reach of contact during coitus if there be any enlargement

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failure are the lungs a fact which has led some authorities to

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curred one death. It was the fourth of the last five


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