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lead poisoning. Senator, among 250 cases of chronic indurative nephritis,

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indigestion food should be stopped or reduced, according to the severity.

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Tumor of the root of the tongue should always excite suspicion of lingual

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sponsible for its osmotii- jiressure. As to the iidluence u{ mechanic,

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In general, the enlargement is not great. Murray makes a useful classifi-

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thev can be squeezed or twisted, sometimes feel like wet paper, and cut


I. The heart heats in the end)ryo eliiek Itefore any nerve cells have

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* Siebold's Jour, f. Gehurtshilfef Frauenzim. u. Kinderh.^ 1829, ix, 292.

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vascular. Ossification in some cases is very retarded, in others is abnormally

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in the new deposit, as well as the uncertain figure

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The en^ of the terminal pnalanges were much enlarged. The fingers

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be done, and the diagnosis, made with great difficulty, if at all, helps little,

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If now UP ri'iipat tlic ohsprvation at a tpnippratuip of ;{7" C, the two

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Schaefer and Vincent found a depressor substance (1899). Rinon and

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become aggravated, but because with impoverished blood the power of the

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muscle fibers, surrounding the point of the eye, rising from the orbital septum

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the only stage over whieh we ean exereise voluntary eontrol.

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with substandard lives, each in its own way and according to the individual

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ti'iiiist'iiM' Mi'i'il williiiiil inakiiii; ji \cs> \ <'ss('l iiii.-islciiiiosis. (i!) .Mix

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in the nephritic process at which albuminuria and cylindruria begin is not

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\ rlltilillinll iis III ilcliiiuistriili' llii' I'luiMirCs pinilnccil ill till' sensitivity •.:

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as frequent catheterization is almost always followed by infection of the

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inv' a polyvalent ion (such as Al or MfS.) are enii>loye(l. Thus, practieall.v

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Without goinf; into the sultject in detail, we may nevei'theless take

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Miiine the alveolar ( '< ). tension and the respiratory qiiotieut under various

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i>y ohscrviiiK the rhythmic contractions of an isolated strip of the small

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involvement was present in 62.3 per cent., unilateral in 37.6 per cent., while

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This smaller type of cell resembles the cells of the thymus, but is usually

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to the touch. There is often effusion in the larger joints. Certain joints not

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first acute attack appears. There is one form occurring usually in stout

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Renal hsematiuia or pyuria can easily be detected by simply watching

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lit' tlir liLT \itli tllilt t'ruiii till- tliiir;ii-ic iliict. No lyiiipli llii«s from tin

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require opening and drainage. The mucous membrane of the ureter may

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