considerable fever. In the shght cases the fever was scarcely perceived,
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that useful faculty which we call, not very felici-
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iiiowth occupies the niidille anil posterior mediastinum the physical signs
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The College a7id Clinical Record will hereafter be known under the
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ateness of motion, and the fact that he keeps his eyes constantly
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In case the last two remedies are used, a solution of Carbolic Acid
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bone, which nature could not promptly throw off. It certainly seem-
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situation of its passage through the triceps muscle. This lat-
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accurately, but approximately, by the line of demarcation between liepatic
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buted, " not to some products of Hansen's bacillus, but to the cytotoxines
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Extensive Syphilitic Necrosis of Hones in Relation to the Nasal Cavities, Ry
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pass from one side of the uterus to the other, making of that
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from all indentations. In rare cases, this change may co-exist with cirrhosis, or with
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or so if there be none. Concurrently with traction, alternate
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abdomen, localized on the right side a little internal
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The Results of Inoculations of Milch Cows with Cultures of the Bacillus Diphtherise.
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trag zur Behandlung schlecht geheilter Beinbi iiehe. 2.
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gnishable from an ordinary compound granular corpuscle.
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of the uses to which hypnotism may be put. In operating
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the same course of treatment, but their reasonings about
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excellent specimen of a thesis written for the degree of M.D. at
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kidneys, although necessarily fatal unless relieved by surgical measures
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The danger likely to exist in such a food has been suggested
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Mr. Eastes instituted a comparison between the system prevailing in 1831,
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tion of such treatment is one month. The surgeon, Prof. Fischer remarks,
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lines are obliterated ; the angle of the mouth droops ; the eye
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radius, a small amount between the two rows, and practically
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physician"; nor could any other motive but those of loyal,
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especially at the top, which is apt to accumulate all sorts of queer
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the post. The diagnosis of the surgeon in each case was " cere-
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Denver has just been named the Fitzsimons General Hospital.
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grains to the ounce, and applied twice daily on absorbent
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chlorophyll and which does not have power to produce leaves. They
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but I doubt if the tuberculosis is the causative fac-
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the part, as in the marine searchlight, is indicated. The arc
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showed that it must have been the upper one. The internal
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After a lapse of more than 50 years we are now able to
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active, in new fully equipped clinic building. Present
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mois skin was placed against the perineum Bullowa and Kaplan {Medical News)


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