nates rather low down and contrive so that while the plaster adheres
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unfler the name of stovaine a synthetic product of the laboratory which
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gation in colonies of the afflicted individuals as is
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pense Plan is underwritten by the National Casualty
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triangular cicatrix the sides of which were about half
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was inhibited the degree of the contractility of the
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advance of the previous regulations of the supply and sale of
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child life threatened by the barbarous action of the
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able environments than in their native home. Most of our
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months and years branched and often cylindrical membranes. These may
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The patient has not had a high temperature during the progress
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such interesting cases and specimens as fall in his way and especially
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has been named filaria sanguinis hominis from its dis
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flabby. There had been no movement of the child felt since
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had only four days in which to instruct counsel for
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public funds for subsistence of personnel and patients and all
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first noted and got on well during the interim the lochial dis
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forth in connection with the next case. The arm was so fixed


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