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uterus was displaced forward, behind the cervix was an elastic swelling con-
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level. Paristalsis varies markedly in degree from time to time at
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warfare. A history of a previous nervous break down, should
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The treatment consisted, in those who had no serious throat symptoms, in
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milk? Use a little cream, olive oil, fairly full butter and so on but,
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operation for the removal of a calculus from the common duct,
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pulse to 100. Ten days later tenderness on the left side demon-
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polished nickel-plated steel sound is used. It is first warmed, then coated
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case becomes desperate. In no case of general diffuse suppura-
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"Tuberculosis of the Lungs, or Pulmonary Phthisis."
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tincture opium and five grains acetate of lead, and repeat in from
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period. In early part of August patient became jaundiced, vomited
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provided for. Certain men should be subsidized to carry on ex-
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infiltrations, but are firmly adherent and seem like fibrous outgrowths of
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high amputation; as soon as the disease has extended above the portio-
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tions and enzymes is in the treatment of "errors of metabolism"
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stimuli which, under usual conditions, would not perceptibly affect
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medicines, or other remedies, for the cure of bodily diseases,
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some of solution, or by the use of general terms for the designation
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profession, whether seldom or often, this course is pursued.
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cumstances of straining at stool, or other violent expulsive
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GROSS PATHOLOGY : Encapsulated tumor (intradural) of spinal cord
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the result of the incision for goitres which I have invariably carried out,
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sively with their disorders. Yet not one nor all these senses is
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threaded, and is withdrawn, the ligature being tied in the vagina and left in situ
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Davenport-Donahue Bill. Our function has been entirely one of a
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heroes of the ocean, the range of a sea voyage was hardly more extended.
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From an anatomical, as well as functional view, the case is most inter-
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year before her death by a competent physician, who considered
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splint in such a position as to keep the nerve at least tension. Twenty-
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of an article by Dr. Alexander B. Pope. Exalgine, recently discovered
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of the blood-changes ; therefore, the treatment was kept as nearly uni-
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we do of other books which express the thoughts and labors of men's
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the face, implicating one or several muscles of the cheek and mouth,
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"There is a very interesting case which was decided by the
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After reviewing a considerable personal experience, and reading most of
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the oil, and this fact should be borne in mind in prescribing it. — La Semaine


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