lesions of the soft parts. The train of morbid symptoms though

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was accompanied by a beautiful map drawn by the author

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Below about F. the cooling effect of moist air is prominent because

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be well to follow with hexamcthylenamin. The tWO should

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is unquestionably beneficial is the cure if possible of any condition of

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urgency of the case I remove the bunch of outdrawn and out

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science has not been troubled by Hume s destructive criticism.

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ous imbroglio. It is a sort of fire mist out of which

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day of the special medical societies of this country will mark

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much importance in maintaining the population of the

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the opening of succeeding abscesses and if there be such

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tion of the people whereas in the eighteenth century after English

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such apparently typical cases of the primary form as those

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Andreux had four deaths among four hundred passengers many of

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harvested the peasants of some of the homesteads in

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collet the honey from flowers in their fleeping ftate when they

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show that after severe attacks of pelvic inflammation all subse

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are prevented diarrhoea ceases pyrexia stops by the tenth or twelfth

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fering. Matches prepared with the amorphous phosphorus were

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Girardy Jadioux Laurent NIcod Prunelle Rouzet. Ire Annee ire Livraison

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Treatment of Locomotor Ataxy by Precise Ner e vibra

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a large number did perfectly well without it. Extreme tension

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changed. The separation between Guy s and St. Thomas s

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of syphilis. All that is recorded is that the man died of


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