seen. The cartilage b sometimes riddled with vacuoles. There b some-
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a case of genuine Raynaud's disease complicating a heart lesion.
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liilril III till' lu'liiin III' l,\ inpliiiiiiiirui's. In a imrinal pcrsnii cxfi'ssivi' in
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e;ipill,irics :ilii| the tissue spjirrs. The ly iiiphlll ics wmilil then sei\|. :i-
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witz), nanomelia, and pseudochondiitis (Scnidlowski) ; osteogenesis imper-
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was treated for a parenchymatous goitre, which under small doses of iodine
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childhood are rare, but have been observed from the third year on. After
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lymph node dependent upon an overgrowth of the cells of the type of lym-
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I'.cfin-c hciiisi secreted the diilotiM" cii/.yiiics exist in the cells which
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gland, sometimes a stimulation by toxic, infectious, or metabolic sub-
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toms. Then, usually after some definite occurrence, such as shock, exertion,
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vesiculitis are very frequently associated with pain in the back of a dull,
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»a\e in the eppnsile , lire. -111111 app.'ariuL' "lien llie ajirx is .i.eleil . . L'i'.l
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i'c accompanied by a slight decrease in the salt content of the blood.
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exophthalmos is unilateral, or is larger on one side. In the former case the
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acliiall.x takes plaee. ami. il it ilm's so. wliat faetnrs eaiise it In \ai'>'.
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Gbnealogical Table showiko Angioneurotic CEdema in the
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the result of certain observations in eclampsia. Blum observed nephritis
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! I the iiicasiiremeiil. In one indix idiial. ulieii the room teiniicrature was
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i>cen line to a vasodilatation occurrinjr in the pancreatic hlood vessels. To
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nervous system. Tenderness over the nerve trunks, senson'^ changes,
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were preci])it!ited with silver nitrate and the silver chloride then reduced
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One and one-half to two quarts of fluid a day will represent a fair allowance.
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thought tetany was more severe in animab in which the parathyroids had
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veins, and the pelvis is invad^ in a manner similar to hypernephroma.
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stii'iiiitlicniiii,' ut' ttic Vfiitiiculai' ln'at is iiicfcly iliic to tliL- I'acl tliat lit'
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the pressure aiiain rises. When the clottiiifj; ])ower of the lilood i-
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subject for a second time, brought together 15 cases, including the ones
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firissuic is recovered as well as it v. oiild lie liad MoimI itself lieen iis-
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hitwi'iii lair ul' ililTusjIiiliiy ami iiiuli'riilar \M'ij;lit is nut su siiiipli- as
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and the urinary findings were watched with extreme care, so that at the first
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Holtzapple, following Westphal, explains his cases on the ground of a
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catheter should be inserted but a short distance into the ureter. The suc-
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lesions — ^the hysterical pemphigus, the hysterical ulcerations, and the hys-
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As a rule, they are associated with some form of nephritis, and produce no
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IiumIus. The iiart lyinir between the t'nndns and the iiu-isiira annularis
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I'iiciiiiiliiiii is Miiiii' (II- Ion ii'i-ipi ill with ||i,it .'it tiic lUM'iplicrv. .•in
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of certain bacteria, especially if very virulent, if present in very large num-
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that may seem indicate for these complications. Such drugs as salicylates,


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