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inconsonant with profitable measurement in dynes or with graphic

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SYMPTOMS: — Pain, irritation, and fever. Frequent

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Baptisia tinctoria is antiseptic, tonic, stimulant, alterative and

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resembling the old membrane, except it was somewhat thin-

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of mental activity. In delirium we observe that the play of the

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diabetes. The following was her condition : Skin sallow, eyes

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theories of old, and their untainable hypotheses of to-day"

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from the nose and throat. These facts make us hesitate to conclude

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to cover the liquid with a deep layer of sterile paraffin oil. In some

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eye a certain quantity of luminous rays which go immedi-

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vated cases. One package of this remedy contains sufficient

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In peritonitis bryonia will do much toward controlling the

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Dr. W. E. Leighton tested the action of colloidal coi)per, casein, and

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had some experience which convinces me that Rigg's disease may

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such diseases, including cerebrospinal meningitis, occur more

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valuable medical works. M. Stackler, unfortunately, suf-

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a counter meeting among the students of the University,

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Greenish discharges are generally dependent upon an increase

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weeks have elapsed. When the inflammation has attacked

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"W. F. Fluhrer, G. A. Yan Wagenen. Junior Assistants —

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cular weakness, slow and shallow respiration, death. Its antag-

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and so the two layers of pericardium are separated the one from

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In the epigastric region lies the stomach, its lower border or

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mended. It is also said to be useful as an application in rhus

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^^ 7. Bones which must be considered of recent formation,

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on inflammatory irritation, is in many cases completely

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strual period. The opinion has been long entertained by

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we may have cerebral excitation and coma without any wrong

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Specific, Identical and Uniform in its Nature. By Wm.


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