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With the continuance of the disease, the patient tends to get feebler and
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marquav deduces from his experiments is that wounds and
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are concerned with a pseudomembrane on the mucous membrane
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is always right to compare them with those which are known to be caused by
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thought a much better line of treatment would be to perform gastrotomy. He
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a, transverse section ; the blood corpuscles at periphery invaded by un-
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no free fla^'ellum, and tiie undulating membrane was scarcely recognizable.
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port, is already roofed in and provided with steam-heating apparatus. Con-
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intestinal affection, or mechanical obstacle to the entrance of food into
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It has been recognized for years that when fluids are injected
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dose sufficiently small to admit of this form of exhibition might
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tion more or less ancient of the pulmonary parenchyma.
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to infective endocarditis, although there were no special heart
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Such is the course of treatment we have been in the habit of constantly
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lopment of tremors not unlike those of paralysis agitans, or attacks of
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tamponading. Eectal feeding was resorted to for the first fortnight,
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globular mass projecting through a perforation in the membrane. In such a
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ing and weak vines. His highest ambition was the happiness of others. How poor this
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quently happened. A free use of stimulants removes all the gravest symptoms,
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lectoris ariis seu scientice chirurgicce. Harvey styles
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and cerebellar lesions will well repay perusal by both
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ticed, no part was more elevated, or more firm than another ;
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the animal, even in dogs ; that they cannot be regarded
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associated with spasm of the orbicularis, and sometimes with over-action
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from the others the puriform matter that was discharged, required the parts
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or some protracted disease from which the circulation of
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cent police census, the mortality e. g. of the 10th Ward was
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controlled by the combined than by the simple electri-
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mind when the cotton wool dressing is first heard of, and even now we
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time after the operation. In the first case, a man aged forty -eight years,
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For the proper treatment of a broken thigh, it is necessary not only
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mutually destructive action of different species accident-
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result was not successful. Peyler^* reports several cases in which linger-
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quent pallor, or it may inhibit the action of the ganglia, causing
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digestion and the nervous system ; and, whatever may be the rationale,
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cinoma of the brain is, as a rule, primary and solitary ; aneurism of a
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easily checked by the ordinary remedies. Urinary analysis, negative.


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