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a tendency to commit suicide, the prevention of which in
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descending colon and sigmoid. In these cases, also, tenesmus is not
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Varieties. — Two varieties have been recognized : Chronic
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'8 "La med. mod.," Jan. 16, 1895 ; ''"Lancet," Oct. 9, 1897 ; ^"Med.
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never makes an effort to rally. Postmortem examina-
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method we imitate to an extent the normal physiologi-
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ing utensils. Workers in copper are also at times subject to a simi-
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number, but in some cases they are fairly abundant. One who is
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closed by stitches, and the limb, extended straight without any
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Medicine systematically, a METHODICAL NOSOLOGY ought to be
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and my practice, that my medicine may be good in some particular cases
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to body by means of blankets. At niidniirht, comatose: eyes open,
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occurs most commonly in men during middle life. Some casc-s arc due to chra
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one of the masterpieces of world literature, deals with one of the most universal of topics, the
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was living on a roOing prairie, half a mile from any
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the instrument, Zehender has inserted in front of the apparatus
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Cancer of the stomach is of very frequent occurrence, being
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In 45 per cent the acidity was well within the normal range, and
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moving the pressure from the affected vertebras, of scarcely
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RELL, of Boston, sent a paper from which the following
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hectic cycle warns us that there is a suppurative breaking
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a clinician and the appreciation of abnormalities readily
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Dr. Thompson, of Omagh, has furnished me with the particulars
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logical importance of the capsules. Brown-S^quard, finding that speedy
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jority of instances, due to an abnormal condition of the
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of the lower animals and reproduce the disease, white
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tality of every part with which it comiCS in conta£):, and of the
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poitant in some cases, it is not be inferred that they are invariably indi*
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The treatment is continued for from four to six weeks depending
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from these unimportant sources. Hemorrhage of the lungs is
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days. 4. The blood-agar cultures in the incubator are fully devel-
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almost a certainty. I remarked to the students that they should
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Mrs. C, aged 35, had been amenorrhceic about four and
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This is best given in the knee chest position. The fallowing night,
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1910. Wadsworth, Augustus B., 114 West 55th St., New York.
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The Wisconsin law authorizes two kinds of certificates, state
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infected person — making them during the evening or night,
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The Orleans Parish Medical Society attended the funeral
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bably the chief cause of premature labour. The author pointed
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to the Cliristian era, were probably cleaner in person and in dwellings


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