tion since May of this year. It should, however, be most instructive

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method of presentation. For the clinician the book gives an adequate expo-

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of the occipital lobe. On section the mass was shown to extend posteriorly

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without recurrence. The baby, Pellagrin 1026, showed her initial erythema in

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be sought for in a diseased condition of the nervous system and that

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becomes dry, the superficial layers of the epidermis may peel off

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contains considerable amounts of ortho-acid and sodium phosphate for which

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which showed delicate starlike intercapsular bands or adhesions, the

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der of the year. Certainly every pellagrin should, if possible, be kept

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A preliminary examination of sections taken from the frontal, parietal and

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The main symptom is obvious and obtrusive in the tumultuous

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sphygmogram, low degrees of pressure upon the artery fail to develop

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which are vague and indistinct, but by the physical signs, which are

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Marshall and Davis 2 have shown by chemical analyses that the urea

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many years we have to remove the actual symptoms of the disease

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13. Note also, as shown in Table 4, that under these circumstances the

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Fig. 3 (Case 1, P. B. B. H., Med. No. 4318).— Diagnosis, pernicious anemia.

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notice, and wrote it under severe pressure of time and other engage-

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short time during which the new treatment has been employed.

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tenth to fiftieth, with average 49, and Creuse from sixth to fifty-first,

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took place after tin* case had been watched for thirteen years. At

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of such disturbances, whether direct or reflex, is an irritation of the

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starvation reduces the quantity ; but these are very far from being

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ish. The degree of regurgitation, except in the latest stages of the

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afterwards by E. L. Fox 14 and by H. Mackenzie 16 in England that

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completely analogous with those in an atheromatous artery, and the

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tion. The excretion of these substances had been extremely high before

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Diabetes mellitus : fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and lime

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ing. In the next place I would advise an all-milk dietary. It may

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In Group I, it is possible to trace an inherited weakness from the

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occurrence of negativity in different regions. To determine this we


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